The International Journal of Drug Research in Clinics (IJDRC) provides a medium for clinicians, pharmacists, and pharmacologists to explore and report on common interests. IJDRC welcomes papers on all conditions in all populations. The Journal enjoys a wide readership, bridging the gap between the medical profession, clinical research, and the pharmaceutical industry. IJDRC publishes research on new methods, new drugs, and new treatment approaches. The journal considers original articles, review articles, meta-analyses, guidelines, commentaries, short reports, editorials, letters to the Editor, and case reports for publication. Papers on evidence-based clinical practice and multidisciplinary collaborative work are particularly welcome. Discussion on controversial topics is also encouraged, usually in the form of a letter to the editor that comments on a paper published in the Journal. Please note that while IJDRC welcomes translational papers with a major clinical component, this journal does not publish purely basic pharmacology papers.


The scope of IJDRC embraces all aspects of clinical pharmacology including:

• Therapeutic trials
• Evidence-based practice
• Safety, cost-effectiveness, and clinical efficacy of drugs
• Drug interactions
• Drug metabolism
• Pharmacogenetics
• Personalized and translational medicine
• pharmacogenetics
• Teaching in clinical pharmacology
• Pharmacoepidemiology
• Clinical Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics
• Psychopharmacology

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